Bonfire Engineering and Construction is a specialist network and technology consultancy that helps Service Providers, Utilities, and Municipalities deploy and secure new critical broadband infrastructure and technology solutions across the US.

The Company offers technology, engineering, and construction services, providing customers with an end-to-end, turnkey solution able to handle every aspect of a complex network deployment.

Collaboration Overview

“Collaboration” is defined as – the action of working with someone to produce or create something. Service providers and technology companies often have many silos or organizations, each focusing on a individual component of a solution or deployment.

They will often outsource functions to multiple 3rd parties, however, this has created division vs. collaboration, reducing efficiency, quality and accountability.

Bonfire’s proprietary, cloud-based, project management platform; Fuel Collaboration simplifies overall communications and provides customers with full transparency into the deployment process including: auditing, inspections, and quality assurance.


Leveraging technology to support vendors, logistics and fulfillment, when and where you need it.
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ISP & OSP Planning and Design That Solves Problems and Reduces Headaches.
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Moving Dirt, Meeting Deadlines, and Building Broadband Networks that Last.
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