About Bonfire Engineering and Construction

Creating an environment where everyone matters and can make a difference.

Our History

It Started With an Idea

It Started With a Spark of an Idea, a Roaring Fire, and a Beer Among Friends…

There had to be a better way to deploy broadband networks, right? Sitting around a fire, in the mountains of Colorado, drinking Firestarter Indian Pale Ale from the Bonfire Brewing Company, this was the discussion.

Maybe not the typical fireside banter, but for founders Daran Saint, Brian Hollister, and Chris Terch, it was something that they were passionate about and believed that with the right people and the right idea, there could be a better way.

With years in the industry they knew dozens of talented engineers, project managers, and technologists that also shared in their frustration. They believed that “collaboration” and “transparency” would be the key to acquiring customers. So, through the smoky haze of the fire and beer, Bonfire Engineering and Construction was born.

The Incredible People Behind Us

If you want to go somewhere fast, you go it alone. If you want to go far, you build a great team... and ours is one of the best.

From idealistic entrepreneurs to hardworking construction professionals, our team is experienced, motivated, and ready to support you!

Meet Our Crew

Our Core Values

Our Culture is What Makes Us Different

We Pledge

We are personally invested in our employees so that they can continue to make our customers successful

Character Matters

We treat everyone with respect, honesty, and dignity. We give our team the support they need when they need it, and show gratitude for what we have every day.

Fuel Up

We focus on personal and professional development, and are comfortable being uncomfortable as we learn, grow, and push ourselves and each other to be better.

Keep Your Spark

Having the right flexibility to create a happier existence and the ability to focus on the right priorities at the right time. What’s good for the employee is good for the business.

Collaborate, Don’t Isolate

Transparency is our superpower. We bring people and ideas together. We have no egos and no agendas; we create action to deliver service to our customers.

Our Approach to Safety

Protecting Our Employees & Partners

Our Commitment

We are committed to protecting the health, safety, and quality of life for our employees and our partners.

Each Bonfire employee plays a key role in the effort by complying with all applicable federal, state, local, and company policies and procedures.

This includes policies and procedures required by state and federal Occupational Safety and Health Administrations, as well as continuing emergency procedure training and certification.

Each one of our employees has at least 10 hours of OSHA training

Our Safety Philosophy:

  • All accidents are preventable
  • Safety controls are a major part of our work every day
  • Management is responsible for providing the safest possible workplace for employees
  • Our management and supervisors are expected to set an exceptional example of good attitudes and strong commitment to workplace safety
  • Our safety program applies to all employees and persons affected by or associated with this business
  • Everyone goes home at night

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