Broadband Funding for Rural America

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Earlier this year, the USDA announced that $550 million in funds was to be earmarked for expanding broadband access in rural areas. That announcement, as well as the current global health crisis, has focused widespread attention on the lack of reliable, high-speed internet in rural communities across the United States.  The ability to work remotely, once a luxury, has now … Read More

What is Wifi 6?

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what is wifi 6?

If you’re one of us teckie folks you probably think of WiFi flavors in terms of their IEEE Standards name, like 802.11b/g/n or more recently 802.11ac. The latest standard is 802.11ax and as I describe below it’s expected to be pretty important. To help with the adoption of this new standard the Wi-Fi Alliance has given it the more consumer-friendly … Read More

COVID-19 Highlights the Value of Broadband & Why We Need to Get it to More People

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Rural America Needs Broadband Internet

As more businesses encourage, or even mandate, that their employees work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, remote work is changing from a luxury to a necessity, particularly if employees are practicing social distancing or become quarantined. However, not all businesses or communities are prepared to support a mostly remote or fully-remote workforce.   To help your business remain productive, we have to continue to push broadband to more and more … Read More