We are Thankful

Time to Give Back


Colorado Feeding Kids is an all-volunteer nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide nutritious food to impoverished children in Colorado through local food banks and schools. We operate 100% on donations & sponsorships. 

A donation of $100.00 provides 400 meals.


We help more than half a million people each year.

We serve 30 counties in Colorado and the entire state of Wyoming. More than 155,000 meals each day reach our neighbors facing hunger.


Deliver Humanity This Holiday Season

Millions of our grandmothers and grandfathers are setting the table for one this holiday season. They are more isolated and more alone than ever. Older adults are unable to see their own friends, family, neighbors and loved ones as they try to stay protected from COVID-19 – which shows no signs of slowing. You can deliver humanity to struggling seniors with a gift today.


The Dumb Friends League is a national model for saving the lives of homeless pets. Each day, an average of 52 pets come to us in search of warmth, comfort, loving care, food and a second chance.

Your support saved 17,023 pets this last fiscal year, and 288 abused and neglected horses.

Please select the charity of your choice for Bonfire to make a $100 donation to and let's help our communities have a little brighter holiday season.