Spark Awards Guidelines

We Pledge

We are personally invested in our employees so that they can continue to make our customers successful.

Character Matters

We treat everyone with respect, honesty, and dignity, giving them the support they need, when they need it, and show gratitude for what we have every day.

Fuel Up

We are focused on self-improvement personally and professionally, we are comfortable being uncomfortable as we learn, grow and push ourselves and each other to be better.

Keep Your Spark

Having the right flexibility to create a happier existence and the ability to focus on the right priorities at the right time. What’s good for the employee is good for the business.

Collaborate, Don't Isolate

Transparency is our superpower, we bring people and ideas together, no egos, no agendas, just creating action to deliver service to our customers.

Here's how it works!


Spark awards are provided to those employees who best exemplify the core values of Bonfire.


The awards are based on peer or supervisor nomination and must include details of the specific core value being applied.


While there are 5 Core values, if we don’t have a submitted example for a specific value in the quarter then that Spark award won’t be presented.


Awards will be given out on a quarterly basis and presented to those recognized at the State of Union Meeting.


The final determination of who received a Spark Award will be done by the leadership team and must require full consensus.

To Nominate Someone Please Complete the Following Information:

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